Sharp 1.4 CU Microwave

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Sharp 1.4 CU Microwave

Model No. R426LS

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  • Clean and Uncluttered Design features a control panel that is concealed behind the oven’s door. The controls are hidden from view but easy to reach.
  • Smart & Easy Sensor Settings are for 9 most popular microwaved foods. No need to set times or power levels – eliminates guesswork!
  • Popcorn Sensor pops microwave popcorn automatically regardless of package size or brand.
  • Instant Action Keys save time and make microwaving easy! Touch once for each serving – up to eight. Oven starts automatically.
  • Keep Warm Plus lets you keep hot foods hot up to 30 minutes after cooking is finished with no loss of food quality.
  • Defrost quickly defrosts meats and poultry by weight. Specific program for each category assures excellent, even results.
  • 7-Digit, 2-Color Lighted Display includes word prompts.
  • Time of Day Clock is convenient and easy to set.
  • MFG SKU R-426LS